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He has been asked to be the speaker in various conferences and has done so repeatedly over a span of years.This summer we did a photoshoot with Lokaal-030, a young company that imports biological wine and fine food from Bologna, Italy.If you're in the singles world or looking for a new profession, I hope you find it useful. 07, 2012 Dating advice from the pros By Cindy Krischer [email protected] Diaz / Miami Herald Staff (Dan Silverman is a Miami dating coach.He coaches busy men and women on being in relationships.You can use the coffee table as a side table as well, or a bench for children. You can shop the table As the days are getting a bit colder, I cannot seem to adjust to the temperature outside.Feeling like we did not have enough summer yet, though autumn is slowly revealing itself with falling leaves, stormy weather and me wearing warm vests.

After a lot of questions from people who would like coffee table Zoë in a different size, we decided to make one larger than the table that was online already.

The measurements of the new coffee table are: height 29 cm, wide 45 cm and length 140 cm.

I really like the white finish which gives the table a Scandinavian look.

I therefore received several messages and e-mails from followers who asked me if there is something going on, whether I had stopped or if I simply did not feel like it anymore.

Fortunately, this is not the case because taking pictures, styling and creating, are things I really like to do.

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